3 Quick Tips to Avoid Fake Profiles on LinkedIn

September 1, 2015 Jeffrey Hayzlett

I get many requests per day for people to link in to me, and I love it. But sometimes I look at them and they just don't look right. Where the hair goes up on the back of my neck because the profile picture is too perfect or the company name is a bit off or they have little job history listed.

Here are a few ways to see if they are real, or fake people looking to gain access to your network:

  • One of the things I do when I get this feeling is to do a Google Image Search(like a reverse image search). Many times I find out the picture is stolen from some model shop or belongs to 9 other profiles. FAKE!
  • I click on the company the profile lists, and there are no other employees on LinkedIn. Seriously? Yet you have this big title and it's listed as an international company? FAKE!
  • Lastly, I look at the job history. Many times they have not even filled it in or don't give more than one job. But now, they're the president of an international company. From graduation to the head of the company? FAKE!

Link in with real people. I have found real people means real business.

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