5 Hidden Ways Your Summer Vacation Pays Off for Your Business

July 7, 2014 Jeffrey Hayzlett

Summer is here, and you know what that means -- warm weather, grilling, and every entrepreneur’s favorite (or most hated) “V” word: vacation.

While most jump at the opportunity to get away, there are some business owners who misunderstand the value of vacation time. Fresh entrepreneurs must realize that, although a vacation can be a time to get away and unplug, it can also be a time where the best business deals are done. As a serial entrepreneur, here are my five top ways I use vacation time to the fullest:

1. Network. This is the perfect time to reach out and meet people. Realize that other executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and other c-suite leaders have taken time off, too. Some of the best relationships I have struck up -- and have lead to some of the best businesses deals I’ve ever seen -- have been done during my vacation time.

Don’t limit yourself to networking events, either. When you’re traveling, the perfect opportunity is sitting right next to you on the plane! Use those opportunities, the ones you don’t normally think of, to find new ways of doing business.

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