Fighting Trolls, Spammers and Troublemakers Online

October 2, 2014 Jeffrey Hayzlett

For people in business, having a great reputation is linked to how they present themselves and deliver results.

Regardless of how well entrepreneurs meet and exceed expectations in this regard, trolls, spammers and troublemakers who are quick to criticize have a voice through social media. And they raise their voices quite often, much to the dismay of companies around the world.

Small business owners face this threat frequently, whether the posts are anonymous or not. Here are four things you can do:

1. Get stuff updated.

Much inaccurate and outdated data pervades the Internet. Google your business or name, and you’ll see. Incorrect addresses, wrong phone numbers and old head shots can stop customers from finding a company.

Set up tools to be sure all this information is correct. I personally use VendAsta to fix what could take weeks, months or even years to update. VendAsta helps me be sure information online about my company is up-to-date and that I’m not losing business due to outdated contact details.

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