Harvest a Garden of Perennial Shoppers With These 7 Savvy Techniques

August 19, 2014 Jeffrey Hayzlett

From Main Street to Wall Street, businesses need to adopt strategies to build brand loyalty among their customers. Whether your company offers special sales on different days, members-only email coupons or punch cards for repeat customers, a brand-loyalty strategy needs to be put in place to keep shoppers coming back.

With so many other aspects of a business to take up an entrepreneur’s time, the important task of marketing and sales can get placed on the back burner. But since this is a way to bring in customers, why wouldn’t this be your first task at hand?

Even when your business is breathing well, the marketing is solid, you've closed potential sales and provided a service, your work is not done, as I wrote in my book The Mirror Test. Continue to add value to your company and its brand. Here are seven ways to build a robust and engaging brand-loyalty program.

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