What YOU Need to Know from the Champion of Franchising

September 1, 2015 Jeffrey Hayzlett

I recently had Steve Caldeira as a guest on my show All Business on Play.It. He’s a political insider, business insider, and CEO and President of the International Franchise Association. Not only is he one of the smartest people when it comes to business, but he is also a franchastic guy (see what I did there?). Joking aside, I always learn something from my guests and I love sharing what I learned because after all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Here’s what Steve shared with me:

  • Somebody always wants your office. Whether its politics or business, there’s always someone that’s going to want that comfy leather chair & window view. Power is an incredible lure. Always be the best that you can possibly be. Education is key, if you don’t know how to do something ask the people around you, reach out, chances are there’s someone out there or a group like the IFA that’s been in your position, and wouldn’t mind connecting and giving some friendly advice. 
  • Get FIRED up. When asked a political question about the minimum wage in the United States and how it affects the franchising industry, I couldn’t get a word in and I could tell Steve was very passionate about the subject. Whatever it is that you’re doing, find passion in it. Not everything you come across is going to be exciting and new but you can still find some sort of passion and get fired up about what you do. 
  • Steve told me “You’re never going to have all of the answers when you start out.” You need to grow, develop, and build a network that you can reach out to and that you trust. Whether it’s franchising or starting up a new business, the same principals apply. 
  • Anyone can be in business. 20% of franchises are owned by immigrants in the United States. People from all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds CAN thrive in franchising and in business. One person that comes to mind and is a great example of this diverse background is Gene Simmons. Gene is a great example of how a person with a unique background can be very successful in the United States. The American dream still exists and thrives if you look hard enough.
  • Sometimes to be successful, you don’t have to do it a new way.Often times I find people saying to me Jeff, “How can I be different?” More often than not I give them the old saying “You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.” This lesson relates to the first one, learn from the people before you. Putting in successful practices that people have done before can create successful practices for YOUR business. You might need to adapt and tweak some of those practices, but I have found that when in doubt, learn from the people before you, they can give you a head start.

Make the most out of every opportunity. Whether you are on Main Street or Wall Street, no matter how successful you are, there’s always something to be learned. I like to practice what I preach so to speak. If we haven’t connected yet, we can do so on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter. Stay tuned for more great episodes of All Business, and more lessons to be learned.

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